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About UsFLATOUTcharity

FLATOUTbears is ABOUT US - Sarah and Prue, two sisters from Sydney, Australia who started FLATOUTaustralia in 2002 because we grew up with our sheepskin bears and decided to create our brand of soft and cuddly FLATOUTbears. We first started selling our FLATOUTbears over the internet (when the internet was all new and exciting - hard to believe!!) and this then developed into supplying local stores in Sydney to stores all over Australia. We had such a fabulous response that the FLATOUTbears are now exported all over the world including the USA, UK, China, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Singapore and New Zealand with more to follow!! So not only are our FLATOUTbears loved in Australia they are also being loved and cuddled all over the world.

How did we get into it? Well, retail is in our blood and we feel as if we have both been in retail forever, starting as babies in our Dad's antique shop then our Mum's homewares shop in Sydney. We feel we learnt the trade through just being there, through osmosis, so it seemed only natural that one day we would start our own small business together. And voila - FLATOUTbears was born.

Owning and running FLATOUTbears is my little bit of sanity in my otherwise chaotic family life. I love it. I love coming to work, dealing with lovely people and sending our gorgeous bears out all over the world. We have a great little all-gal dynamic team and we all work hard together, have a laugh and achieve lots. To think our bears are sold all over Australia as well as Tokyo, HK, Paris, London, New York....WOW!!!

Starting FLATOUTbears was a great way to ease myself back into Western society after a 2 year stint working in Asia. Initially I thought I would have lots of flexible time but then the FLATOUTbears hit the stores and all of a sudden we had a full time and busy business to run. It's fun, it's exciting, it's hard work but it's ours and I love that about having this business. Even better, is that I still LOVE the FLATOUTbears. I help pack them up and as I do, I look at their little faces and wonder where they will end up. We also hear great stories about these bears and the children in their lives and it makes all the hard work worthwhile.