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We would love to see a photo of you with your FLATOUTbear so please email your pics to askus@flatout.com.au. Photo should be no bigger than 1Mb please.

Little Maryn (bottom) from Ontario, just 5 weeks old, already can't sleep without her FLATOUTbear.
* Update * Little Lylah (top, 2015), Maryn's little sister, loves her FLATOUTbear!

Leo in his swing cuddling with Flatout Bear, we love our Bears.

Lucy just LOVES Rosie - she has never left her side!

Ayla and Rosie, so very cute!

Oh Teddy, I've missed ya!

Ida and her FLATOUTbears...the old (after three and a half years of adoration) and the new!

Oliver and Emily love their FLATOUTbears!

Best loved bear ever...

How adorable!

Zac and his flatout bear!

Emily, doing anything for Flat Ted!

Paige Loves her Flatout Bear.

Zoe just loves her Flat Teddy and takes him everywhere...the best sleeping buddy ever!

Joshua loves his FLATOUTbear.

Our entire family love the flat out bears... We love love love them. Archer with BB, Quinn with Ga-Gee, Bryce with Ted and Zoe with Rosie

Here is 3 week old baby Stanley with his very first flatout bear.

This is how lucy sleeps - a flatbear in either hand!

Emily and her Flat Ted, he goes everywhere with her!

Ela, Azra and the bears.

Quinn with his 'ga gee' that goes everywhere with him.

Grace with her bear she has named Dezzy. She loves him to bits and takes him everywhere.

Martha and her bear, she won't put him down, not even to eat her lunch!!

Eleanor with her loved bear, she loves to snuggle up to it!

Ryan loves his 'Flat Ted'.

Louka loves her Snuggy Bear.

Sleeping Indigo loves her FLATOUTbear.

Lucy is totally in love with her FLATOUTbear rosie!

Abbey and her Flat bear that has been cuddled since birth and is Abbey's precious possession.

Changa the bush baby on his FLATOUTbear at The Chipembele Wildlife Education Centre in Zambia, and sitting on his friend Ebonina.

Tom's much loved FLATOUTbear.

Lucas loves his chocolate FLATOUTbear.

I came across Flatout Bears quite by accident on the Internet, and fell in love with them! I now have one in the Choc brown colour, and I am eagerly awaiting stock on the smaller size too, as I want one for my handbag as a take anywhere bear friend. They are so soft and cuddly, the sheepskin is amazing quality and I can see why they are so popular with "kids" of all ages! Go on, adopt one. You will not be disappointed!
Helen, Torquay, Devon, United Kingdom

8 week old Charlie Peach Willson with her FLATOUTbear in South Africa.

Clara from Indonesia loves her FLATOUTbear.

Ava 's favourite bears going for a ride!

Little U Min from the Gibbon Conservation Centre in the USA is a HUGE FLATOUTbear fan. After being rejected by his mother, gorgeous little U Min found comfort in snuggling up to his FLATOUTbear. Isn't he just the cutest thing you have ever seen?

Sebastian, loves his FLATOUTbear and sleeps with it every night.

Benjamin and Nicholas with their much loved FLATOUTbears.

Evers from New Zealand cuddling up to his
favourite bear

Little Molly still in hospital with her new FLATOUTbear

Darcy with his well travelled and much loved best friend Flat Ted.

Twins Lulu and Alfie love cuddling up to their FLATOUTbears. Dad, Ben, from Austrade, helped us launch FLATOUTbears into the USA.

Angelina and her bear.

Toby, grandson of Peter from The Teddy Bear Shop with his new FLATOUTbear. Says Peter "it is the only bear I have given him so far - and I have thousands to choose from!!"

Jude and his bear

The shot you weren't meant to see! Sent in by Daddy bear. My three bears - Mummy bear,
Baby bear & Flat bear.

Viv and his bear watching some TV. His bear
goes everywhere and he feeds it every thing
he eats. New York City

Georgia in Dallas, Texas with her brand new bear

Jacob enjoying 'Bear' - his FLATOUTbear is his FAVORITE toy.

"Bruce" goes absolutely everywhere with Jack.
Milk Bear MILK

Honey Bear HONEY

Latte Bear LATTE

Licorice Bear LICORICE

Chocolate Bear CHOCOLATE

Koala Grey Bear KOALA GREY

Rosie Bear ROSIE

Bluey Bear BLUEY