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Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson loves the FLATOUTbear he received for his baby son, Robert. See the Video

Owen Wilson

A FLATbear! She has a FLATbear but not a pink one. It's perfect. Thank you so much! We will bring the FLATbear on tour with us! See the Video
Keith Urban

Matt Damon

My God, that's beautiful! Oh, that is gorgeous! My daughter is going to love that. Oh, that's terrific. You know how it is with babies, they attach themselves to certain things - she will love this. That is really cool. FLATOUTbear. All right. Love it!
Matt Damon

Paris Hilton shops for her friend Nicole Ritchie See the Video

Dear Prue and Sarah
We ALL love the FLATOUTbear! Even Darla, our dog, tried to get hold of our furry friend. Thank you for thinking of us.
Sincerely, Brooke xx
Brooke Shields

Thank you so much for the adorable bear. It has already found a home in our family. We greatly appreciate your generosity!
Deborra-Lee & Hugh Jackman

Thank you so much for the FLATOUTbear. I love it & I know our baby will too!
Jennifer Garner

I have to send you a huge thank you for the fabulous FLATOUT bear you sent Daisy. We LOVE them. It's a beautiful gesture and one we really do appreciate!!!
Karina Daddo

I really struggled with the question of whether I had the strength and character to give (the FLATOUTbear) to my son rather than keep it for myself...
Sarah Jessica Parker

Thank you so much for Estella's bear. I'm sure she will love it very much.
Collette Dinnigan

Thank you for the kind congratulations and the Flatoutbear...
Princess Mary of Denmark

Dear Sarah & Prue
Thank you so much for the gorgeous Flat Out bear you sent for Indigo - it is absolutely divine!
What a beautiful gift for a new baby. It was so thoughtful of you both.
Best wishes,
Erica Packer