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Just a big thanks back to all of you. My son is 4 now and got a bear when he was born. We lived in London at the time. On a trip back to the States it got lost and he was devastated as it was his "security blanket". He was 2 then. He asked me if Santa would be able to find & return his bear to him for X-mas this year. So I goggled "flat lambswool bear" and Viola - now the story continues - his bear has a baby! Thank you for still being in business and making such an amazing product! We are all going to have so much fun this Christmas with a big REUNION!
All the best, Sheila
So sorry not to have replied sooner. The Chocolate Flatout Bear arrived on Wednesday and we were able to give it to Harry on Thursday at our leavers Graduation. He was so delighted he jumped up and down hugging the bear and kissing him. I know Bruce Number 2 will be well loved!
Thank you so much x Emerald
The two Flatout Bears I ordered arrived today and they are sooooo gorgeous. I wish they had been around when my 'boys' were little - 30 or so years ago. Now I've bought them for my two grandchildren due to be born in the next few months. Thanks for providing such a wonderful, natural product. I'll be buying Flatout Bears from now on for all baby presents and will tell my friends about them.
Cheers, June
Hi, I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product. My daughter has had so much trouble sleeping at night since she was about 5 months and was waking 5-6 times a night by the time she was 9 months old. I got her a flatout bear for christmas and within a few days she was back to sleeping through the night! Now the only time I hear from her during the night is if she wakes and can't find her bear and then all I have to do is put it back in her arms and she'll turn over and go right back to sleep. I'm finally able to sleep again! So thanks for such a great product, a friend of mine just gave birth 2 days ago to her first little girl and I'm going to be sure to mention your bear to her.
Heather (St Kilda, Australia)
I've received my beautiful FLATOUTbear, thank you very much for your courtesy. I appreciate it. Soon I'll buy him a brother.
Andrea (Florence, Italy)
Thanks for your quick reply... If he doesn't want to sleep with it, I will...
Mandana Yamin (USA)
LOVE! your web site...
AND your product! It's divine, beautiful and simple...
Mite have to get my newest son one!
Keep up the gr8 work.
Lou (New Zealand)
One of your bears was owned by a member of our group when we travelled overseas for 8 weeks. During this trip the flatout bear we had was an inspiration to us when we were bored, upset, worried or excited, because we could give flatoutbear a good cuddle. We even made a short movie about how the bear became flat.
Robert (Sydney, Australia)
Thank you so much, received the latte bear yesterday and I absolutely love it. Great for traveling too.
I received my bear today. It is so lovely. I can't wait to give it to my daughter at Christmas.
I would like to congratulate you on the FLATOUTbears, I think he's lovely and so does everyone else that I've shown him to and I like the fact that they are made from Australian sheepskin. My sister is presently in Brisbane helping with her new granddaughter and I've emailed her the details because I know she'll love them too.
Laraine (Fremantle, Australia)
I found your bears at Bu and the Duck in New York City, they are wonderful!
Emily (New York, USA)
FLATOUTbears are my only choice of gift for a newborn baby.
Vicki (Sydney, Australia)
Just a quick e-mail to let you know how much myself and my son love his FLATOUTbear. It really is the most gorgeous bear I have ever seen! My other sons want one too - so it's lucky you have lots of other colours to choose from! Thanks again. PS: We have already nicknamed him 'Steamroller'.
Kellie (Newcastle, Australia)
Thank you so much for my new bear - I have named him 'Flat-White'.
Viv (New York, USA)
There is nothing more beautiful than seeing my baby sleeping and cuddling her best friend - her FLATOUTbear.
Shelley (Sydney, Australia)
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